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About My Audience Magnet


That’s the #1 question I get about the Audience Magnet course. Why am I doing it? And why should you spend your hard earned money to take it?


Let me tell you the story that led to this course.

I was a young program director that had just moved my wife Cindy and two young boys, Andrew and Alex from Washington DC to San Diego. The plan was to settle into a dream job as Program Director of Q106 in America’s Finest City.

A success would allow us to stop moving from station to station and city to city. The thing is, soon after arriving, it was clear that this station was in trouble. Ratings had been declining for  two years, and a competitor (B100) was dominating the market with a popular morning show  named Jeff & Jer.

If that’s not challenging enough,  my reputation in the radio industry depended on this gig. This was supposed to be my big break. But here I was, in a major market with a problem I hadn’t expected.

I felt like jumping off the Coronado bridge.

But the bigger problem was that the company had absolutely no resources. There was no marketing money. Investment bankers had taken over and were running the company to try and sell it. They wouldn’t consider a format change, nor would they invest in reviving the brand.

If I didn’t figure out a solution, it was going to be really hard to salvage my career.

Then, something amazing happened. My epiphany.

I remembered something my mentor, Alan Burns, taught me. He said, “Anyone can play more music, spend more money and have a bigger contest. But nobody can compete with truly unique personalities that connect with the audience.”

I arranged a meeting that changed my station, saved my career and transformed my life.

I met with Jeff and Jer and shared a vision for leveraging personalities that create an emotional bond to build a large, loyal fan base. It was a strategy that transcended ratings tactics. And it was beyond anything they had ever dreamed.

We unleashed Jeff and Jer’s personality on the market. Six months later, Q106 had emerged from the bottom of the market. We rose from #19 to #1. We were the top ranked station in all demographics and all time slots.

We were named Radio Station of the Year, and I was named radio’s Program Director of the Year.

Roughly a year later, the station had been sold. And I crossed the street to B100, the station we had destroyed. They had fallen to #22 in the market.

The challenge was to recreate the Q106 success by reinventing this station that had become the market’s doormat.

Applying the same vision with a different cast, lightning did strike twice. And when we were able to recruit Jeff and Jer to come along, the Worst to First story was repeated. Within two years, we shot from #22 to #1. And Q106 had to find a new format.

I’m not telling you this to relive the past or impress you with accomplishments. Rather, it’s to demonstrate that the secrets I discovered in those years are the key to radio’s success. it was true in the past, it’s true in the present and it’ll be even more crucial in the future.

Radio formats, music positions and DJs or announcers executing the format aren’t enough to keep listeners. And true personalities are virtually bullet-proof.

Since then, I’ve managed, coached, trained and developed thousands of air personalities. I’ve applied the techniques in my talent coaching business in hundreds of markets, in every format. And it’s led to more than fifty #1 radio shows.

The bottom line is that personalities who have the talent and training can reach incredible new heights.

And radio needs that talent if we are to survive and thrive in the future.

So why? Why did I create the Audience Magnet course? First, it’s to give back to the industry that’s been very good to me.

Second, it’s to share the concepts that have worked in the past, are working in the present and will work in your future.

And third, it’s to inspire radio talent to become true personalities by providing the tools and support needed to become great.

Radio personalities are not getting the support, direction and training they need. It’s not happening at the station level, the company level or in broadcast schools.

And that needs to change.

I’ve created  Audience Magnet so you can apply what I’ve learned to your career. Now you can stop depending on your boss, market manager or company for your success and be on the same Personality Success Path that let Jeff & Jer to 7 figure salaries and induction in the Radio Hall of Fame.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands. It’s time to become an Audience Magnet.

-Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson is the founder of the Tracy Johnson Media Group.

He’s programmed great radio stations, leading two stations in San Diego from “worst to first,” earned dozens of radio industry awards and been named “Best Programmer In America” by Radio Ink magazine.

In addition to his long career in programming, Tracy managed a group of stations for 10 years and has worked with hundreds of media brands to develop digital content, promotion and revenue strategies.