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ATTENTION: Are You Serious About Becoming a Radio Star?


Learn To Be a Wildly Successful Radio Personality

…Without Depending On Your PD, Station Or Company!

Tracy Johnson’s Complete Online Class Teaches You To Become A Radio Superstar.

This is Tracy Johnson’s proven system that teaches you to be a great radio personality.

Improved performance is virtually guaranteed.

And there’s no risk! You get your money back if you aren’t satisfied.

Audience Magnet Membership Includes:

58 Video Lessons

Tracy takes you through the step by step process of developing your on-air personality and attracting a loyal fan base in 58 detailed video on demand lessons.

Class Workbook

The workbook is packed with assignments, extra materials, bonus content and lesson recaps. It’s the perfect complement to personalize the course.

Lifetime Support

Tracy answers questions and provides ongoing live advice with exclusive community to insure you continue to progress on your Personality Success Path.

Here’s What You Get With Tracy Johnson’s Audience Magnet Course:

  • Lifetime membership: One-time payment gives you access to the course forever, including all updates.

  • 58 video lessons: Tracy walks you through every step of being a winning radio personality.

  • Course Workbook: A detailed book with lessons, exercises and more training tools for each lesson.

  • Downloads: Tools, resources and materials to customize the lessons and build your Personality Success Path.

  • Audio Examples: Hear the principles come alive with examples from some of the world’s greatest air personalities

  • Community: Access to private Audience Magnet Facebook page to discuss and have your questions answered.

  • Office Hours: Tracy answers your questions in the comments, on Facebook Live and via video Q & A.

Course Benefits

  • Start a career as a radio personality instead of a being stuck in a boring job as an announcer or DJ.
  • Learn to create unique, original content harvested from personal life experiences…content that only you can deliver.
  • The secret weapon that terrifies management… they’ll be afraid you’ll leave!
  • Discover the secret of how to perform with confidence and power in your personality and not worry about complaints or criticism.
  • Master the keys to tune-in appointments that build ratings and thousands of passionate, Kool-Aid drinking fans.
  • Develop the single most important trait that every winning personality must have to succeed.
  • Find a powerful method of sharing your perspective on any topic without being self-absorbed, inside or egotistical.
  • Get the rules and tools to becoming more than an announcer. You’ll become an indispensable Personality Brand.
  • Learn storytelling principles that will keep your audience in their cars waiting for the end of your break, and begging for more of YOU.
  • How to avoid the #1 reason radio personalities fail.

…and much more!

Dave Denes, Benztown

Tracy’s Audience Magnet course offers powerful strategies and tools for personalities to supercharge their brands, hyper-connect with listeners and advance their careers. Tracy Johnson knows what works for radio personalities today and this course has it all. It truly is a groundbreaking program from one of radio’s most effective and dynamic programming strategists.

– Dave Denes, Benztown

Joe Frye

I’m just starting out with the course, but I’m already inspired in the first module to put pen to paper and start some career goals. Audience Magnet is just what I need to get going!

– Joe Frye, Air Personality

Michael Steele

Tracy’s Audience Magnet course guides you to craft breaks that are meaningful and entertaining. And he gives you the secrets on how to take those breaks and make a show! This is a clear, actionable plan to get bigger ratings without having to worry about your program director or company.

– Michael Steele

Audience Magnet hones in on every aspect of the building blocks of building a great radio show, and taught me how to use them to grow and thrive. Up and coming radio talent will eat this up, but seasoned radio vets should dive in and find out what it takes to be great.

– Zack Jackson, K92/Roanoke

I love the course! It does a great job of reminding you of the basics and the workbook is so helpful. It really made me think about everything I do on the radio. I’m already applying the lessons with more of a purpose and direction to build my Personality Success Path. I’m on the way to being a wildly successful radio personality!

– Jenn Ryan, Island 106/Panama City

I’m just getting started with the course, and already am blown away. I just created my Character Profile in Module 2. Your questions caused some deep reflection! It was a fun process and a bit eye-opening. This changes everything… in a good way!

– Susan Wright, 101.5, K-HITS/Sacramento

Each lesson is taught by Tracy Johnson on video, with tons of examples from great air talent to help you become a great radio personality.

What You Get

Unlimited Access

Unlimited lifetime access to all Video Lessons that will transform you into an Audience Magnet. And free updates to all lessons.


A robust collection of resources including a workbook, audio examples, downloads and assignments on all 57 Lessons.

Office Hours

Live Support and Feedback in a members-only Facebook Group, including regular Q&A with Tracy Johnson.

Audience Magnet Course Overview

7 lessons that will teach you:

Your Success Path: The 5 Stages of air personality growth.

Identify your stage and learn what to do-and what NOT to do-in each of the 5 Stages.

Proven methods to set non-ratings goals to measure progress and success.

How to find your strengths and weaknesses through audience feedback-for free!

The art of Romancing the Audience to lead listeners to a deeper relationship.

5 common traits of winning air personalities-and how to develop them for yourself.

5 lessons that will teach you:

How to perform in the listener’s world to become a more endearing personality.

Build a target Audience Persona you can actually use every single day!

Gather audience lifestyle information and apply it to your personality strategy. 

How to communicate to a Blind Audience by painting colorful word pictures.

Why attracting a loyal, passionate fan base is more valuable than just attracting listeners.

6 lessons that will teach you:

How to get out of the DJ Zone and into the Personality/Character Zone.

The step-by-step process to find your Character Voice and build a Personality Brand

Performing with a bullet-proof Personality Brand without fear of complaints or criticism.

How to get out of the DJ zone and into the Character Zone. That’s where real power is.

How to find your personal Content Filter that supports your personality brand.

How to master your #1 job on the air: Hosting a party.

Simple tips and tweaks to become a more likable-and more popular-air personality.

10 lessons that will teach you:

Why you should prepare and present less content for greater success.

How Concentration of Force is your primary weapon to achieve massive success.

Finding the One Thing that will become a catalyst to speed through your Success Path.

Using a Content Grid to ensure your show isbalanced and fresh every day.

The best content sources that complement your brand, and how to use them effectively.

How to turn ordinary topics into amazing entertainment using the TESOP method.

The absolute most valuable source of material, and why you’re probably not using it the right way.

How to create overflowing Buckets of Content by turning topics into stories and stories into entertainment.

The principle of mining topics for multiple stories by focusing on emotional content.

The art of hijacking content to make sure you get credit for everything you do.

8 lessons that will teach you:

How to know how long you should talk, and when your breaks should expand.

The most powerful weapon you have should be your #1 tool. Spoiler alert: It’s your voice.

Four ways to inject content additives in every break to get more attention and attract listeners to your Personality Brand.

Tracy’s easy-to-apply concept of ize-ing that will change how the audience hears you.

Why performing on the air is not about you…yet, it’s all about you.

How to overcomer the biggest problem in personality radio everywhere: the out-of-control virus called IMEWEUS.

Learn to make powerful statements that resonate and cause listeners to react emotionally.

Making your show more memorable by Branding Content to be share-able.

How to encourage active listening by crafting breaks your audience can play along with.

12 lessons that will teach you:

The 7 most powerful words in radio identified, introduced and explained.

The 5 steps of telling a story, and how Story Anatomy will transform your show.

The power of the Hook to capture attention immediately.

How to craft an opening line that holds the audience so they just can’t tune out.

Setting up a story with a personal observation that doesn’t come off as self-absorbed.

When and how to introduce key elements to lead the audience deeper into a break.

The simple tactic that makes the audience feel they’re in the story with you.

How to present and manage the essential parts of every story: Friction and conflict.

Find out how to master the most difficult phase of storytelling: The Dress Up.

Avoiding the two things that kill a story and cause the audience to tune out.

When to Turn Up the Volume on your story for greater impact.

The details that are important to add, and the details that kill your story and should be left out.

How to make the audience late to a meeting because they’re glued to the radio.

Methods to end a break and build momentum for the next segment.

How you can avoid the #1 mistake personalities make in telling stories.

The three P’s of Storytelling that will make you a can’t-stop-listening performer.

8 lessons that will teach you:


6 ways to increase your audience without depending on your station or a big budget.

The magic trick that could Double Your Ratings-and every personality can do it every day.

How to use promos to drive listening, enhance your character and build your brand.

The most effective method of marketing and promotion—and it’s nearly free.

An overview of using social media to build an audience beyond your core while adding to your fan base.

How to turn public appearancesand events into public promotions that add listening occasions.

Promotional tools every personality must have, even in you have to do it yourself.

Ready to become an Audience Magnet?

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